Embracing the opportunity to upskill.

Embracing the opportunity to upskill.

Understanding what we really want from life is really tricky. May it be relationship goals, or professional goals, - we are too harsh on ourselves. Every December 31, we would promise of being kind to ourselves, of being more generous with our selves, and more importantly, being forgiving to our own conscience. However, this New Year's resolution does not stick out long, and just after first week of deliberately trying to hold on to our resolutions, we buckle up.

Let us try a different approach. Instead of holding things tightly, let us let loose. Pass it on. If in the fear of paying your bills, you are holding on to an uninteresting job too tightly, let us work it around. Look at it differently. Use your current job to fund a course that you would be interested in pursuing. May it be Community Services Courses, Business Management Courses, or Retail Management Courses, you can avail any of them at flexible timings and multiple modes of coaching. Many would not even require 5 days a week attendance. In Australia, these might be evening courses, or might be facilitated over online classes - you would need to research all the options available to select the one that suits you best.

If you are elated by the sound of a child's giggle, and feel much better while tending to young minds, probably a Child Care Certification or a course to facilitate Early Childhood Education would be best for you. If you have an inclination towards social services, Diploma of Counselling, or a Diploma of Community Services would be of your interest. If you have an entrepreneurship inclination, Diploma of Business Management could be one of your choices for further study. The options are not limited only to courses, but also specialized certifications like Certificate IV in Human Resources and Certificate III in Information Digital Media and Technology.

The options to embrace happiness are limitless. All we need to do is embrace them.

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